The Confidential Public Survey to Document
Medical Marijuana Use for Medical Conditions

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The PROMMISE Study will give us valuable information as to what kind of medical conditions people are using Medical Marijuana for,
as well as how well different strains and delivery methods are working to relieve symptoms. 

From this Study, we can design more specific trials to see which strains and delivery methods work for such conditions as pain, cancer, insomnia, anxiety, depression, diabetes, opioid reduction, and many more. 

Our end goal is to let consumers know what specific products work for symptom relief of different conditions so that they can
reduce experimentation, as well as save money and time when purchasing Medical Marijuana products.

(PROMMISE stands for Pilot Research Observing Medical Marijuana use in multiple conditions Including opioid and Symptom Experience reduction.)

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The Survey

Totally Secure, Confidential, HIPAA Compliant

  • What kind of medical condition(s) you have
  • What form of medical marijuana (MM) you use (vape, edible, topical)
  • What formulations (indica, sativa, etc) you use
  • How often you use for symptom relief
  • Opioid use
  • Satisfaction with current medications
  • Quality of Life Survey
  • Degree to which MM has provided symptom relief
  • Secure online diary entry
  • Monthly entry to show trends
  • Personal information stripped from data
  • Survey results available to participants

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We organize clinical trials to demonstrate medical benefits of specific cannabis products for diseases and conditions.
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  • Recruited patients for >55 pharma, NIH, device clinical trials
  • Screened over 5,000,000 patients for studies
  • Recruited over 200,000 patients into studies
  • Helped bring dozens of medical compounds to market through FDA
  • Wrote the model for central patient recruitment, retention, and compliance
  • Trained >12,000 healthcare providers in online Continuing Medical Education
  • Seven years experience training CDC Staff on medical communications
  • Experts in social media for public health education
  • Working with consortium of 18 European university medical centers